Are School Uniforms The Right Choice?


There has always been a debate about the question – Should students wear uniforms to school or not? Teachers and parents are always trying to find the best possible solution for these children, but are uniforms really a good idea? There are several reasons as to why kids should wear uniforms to school. Here are some of those reasons, you decide.

Budget and Time Saver

It is possible that a family could save a lot of money if they place their children in uniforms. In no matter what financial situation the parents are, they can always be assured that at least their kids will have clothes to wear to school. Buying uniforms, used or new ones that can be handed down is usually a more affordable and economical solution for most families.

students with teacher in school uniformsEvery morning, children can be prepared for school faster. They will not have to choose between various clothing styles, and there will be no debate about what to wear. If the home budget is bigger, and parents wish to spend it on their kids, they can certainly go out and buy them interesting and fashionable clothes for their extracurricular activities.

If the child protests to the use of uniforms, the parent may wish to explain some of these reasons to the child as to why uniforms may be necessary for them. But Typically if the child doesn’t know any other way, this rarely becomes an issue.

Creating Equality

Uniforms are also a wonderful answer to creating a sense of equality for most youngsters. Feeling equal can be a very important part of life, especially during adolescent years. Historically there has always been a lot of teasing and sometimes even bullying situations in schools, about certain looks, clothing styles, etc. Wearing a uniform will usually prevent most of these kinds of situations, where every child has the same wardrobe. Uniforms typically eliminate all of these factors while offering the feeling of being a part of something. Youngsters whose families who might not be able to afford a variety of wardrobe choices will not have to worry about others knowing their particular situation.

Better Classroom Environment

Teachers who support uniforms point out that when kids wear uniforms, there is a certain dress code control. That dress code control has an influence on the behaviors of students. Some studies have shown that students in uniforms behave much better, and they have more discipline. Thereby wearing uniforms can often improve and boost school spirit.

After high school, there is usually college and then work. When young people start to work, there is a great chance that they may have to wear uniforms to their jobs. If they have been wearing uniforms throughout their formidable years, they will often be even better prepared for their future jobs, and they will accept uniforms at work much easier. Many business organizations, stores, and restaurants require that their employees wear uniforms. These businesses often require a uniform look that offers the company some type of branding that their clientele can easily associate and identify them with as well as giving them the professional look they desire.

green school uniformsIn most Latin America countries it is normal for children at all public schools to wear uniforms. Typically these are poorer countries than here in the United States. These countries have found that it is both economically sound for the families who live there, but too that it helps these children create an identity that offers a feeling of pride and security for them as well. Public schools here would do well to follow their example. The initial costs would certainly be offset by the long term savings and it would really be a great solution, for the parents, teachers and of course the kids.

Other Benefits

A side benefit to this would be that this action would result in an increase in business for school uniform manufacturers in this country. The uniform industry here would no doubt get a boost from it and more jobs for Americans could be created.

Also, discipline and order in school will be improved, parents will benefit by being able to save more money by not having to buy such a wide variety of clothing for their kids. And children will be teased and bullied less. Students will feel more at ease and enjoy at least not having to compete with their wardrobe. Uniforms may not create a utopian environment, but they certainly would help move things in the right direction.

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What You Need To Know About Flame Resistant Clothing

Having some knowledge about flame resistant clothing is essential especially for people venturing into industries such as: fire fighting, the chemical industry, racing and so on. Basically, if you will be within a range of inflammable materials and heat, then protective industrial wear should be your point of concern. Understanding advantages and disadvantages of such wear will also push you to be extra cautious at your work place. There are several things that you should know concerning FRC.

Appropriate Clothing For Risky Jobs

men working on oil rigSome jobs can be overly dangerous or risky and require protective gear, however, not all jobs require such. In many types of industrial environment though, this kind of clothing would be very appropriate. Jobs in the gas and oil industry, chemical laboratories and certain professions such as welding and electrical work would all benefit.This clothing protects them from flash fires and reactive chemicals or other flammable materials.

Regular wear wouldn’t be appropriate industrial clothing as it is bound to melt under certain conditions due to intense heat. On top of that,if there were a fire, regular clothes would only increase burns on an individual as they are not designed to resist certain arc flash and flash fire. In fact nylon and polyester would just melt onto the skin of a person under such conditions only compounding the persons injuries. For instance, in cases of flash fire, a person may be saved by wearing certain protective FR apparel.

Certain types of material can be chemically treated to provide an insulation that does not lead to burning; Instead of the cloth melting, it dries up under intense heat.

OSHA Guide Lines And Clothing Limitations

There are guidelines on what apparel suits what industry by provision of guidelines by OSHA. The regulations are published every now and then to ensure that people are aware. This also helps many employers to buy the right clothing for their employees, saving them on time and cost that could result from work place incidents.

Sometimes, there are unseen factors which are prone hazards where one could be caught when unaware of them. However, with fire resistant clothing, one is assured of a better chance for personal safety. It also gives workers some sense of security that affects them positively psychologically, which in turn may lead to increased industrial output.

However, there are limitations to this kind of apparel. One should know that fire resistant clothing is not a guarantee to total safety. Fire resistant and Fire retardant clothing typically are designed to withstand immediate and sudden incidents of fire such as flash fire and arc flash. These clothes generally then allow the wearer the opportunity for escape. They are not designed to walk into a burning building as protection against fire. Much depends on an individual’s discipline and level of responsibility and the immediate action one takes following an event.

flame resistant sweatshirtThese clothes are designed primarily to help get you through most instances of flash fire. They are not designed to save you from risks provoked by inhaling dangerous substances, unless the respective unit makes a provision for such. Moreover, extreme heat cannot be fought by clothes; for example, 1000 degrees and more for any length of time.

In addition, the fibers used to make such clothes can only do so much and in addition may be reactive to different skin types. It is up to you to report any abnormal reactions while wearing your PPE.

There are many types of FR clothing available, including bibs, shirts, coats, pants and hats and all require special cleaning and storing procedures to ensure that they do not lose their ability to protect. It is important to keep in mind that they are not made of everyday materials and thus require this special care.


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